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  • Process Improvement

    A “well oiled” process improves employee moral and helps them accomplish their tasks much more quickly.  When people do the same job day in and day out they often just assume they are doing it the most efficient way possible.  Taking a step back to look at the entire process allows us to also be […]

  • Video Production

    YouTube and Vimeo can be great assets to your company.  Leveraging them to deliver a video message to your viewers is some of the best time you will ever invest in your marketing strategy.  Let’s face it, our society loves to watch rather than read.  Providing video also connects with people on a more personal […]

  • Information Security

    Information Security no one wants to spend on money on locks!  We all have the best employees working for us so we don’t need it.  Our firewall protects us from all the “bad” people on the Internet.

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  • Facebook Pages Manager Mobile App – Hidden Features

    Facebook Pages Manager Mobile App Logo

    Do you use the Facebook Pages Manager Mobile App? Did you know it provides insights data?

  • Open Graph and Taxonomy Planning

    Facebook Open Graph

    Placing Facebook “Like” buttons on your website is easy but complicated when you want to make changes. Make sure you understand what happens if you decide to make changes.

  • Royalty Free Images for your Blog Posts


    Placing pictures in your blog posts makes for a better reading experience.  Finding images you can use for your posts isn’t always easy especially ones that are free.  The statement, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is very true. One of my favorite quotes by George Lois in the documentary Art & Copy, “Advertising should be […]